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Seven Sisters Foundation
NPO: 246-380

Established in 2020, Seven Sisters Foundation, strives to provide security and comfort to disadvantaged and abused women. We hope to become a retreat where women feel respected and are guided through their hardships. Here, each woman is treated in the same manner and no regard is given (or exception made) based on life expectancy or medical prognosis. Seven Sisters Foundation endeavours to afford women an equal opportunity for self-improvement and further development. 

Seven Sisters Foundation aims to offer learning experiences to disadvantaged and abused women, who have no source of income. Amongst other skills, these women will receive training to produce and maintain their own vegetable crops. The vegetable gardens will not only provide a sustainable primary source of nourishment for themselves and their dependents, but will also form a meeting point where women with similar and different life experiences can connect and share with one another and learn entrepreneurial skills to help them live a self-sufficient life. Here, nature nurtures and nourishes. 


By teaching women entrepreneurial skills that can be applied to the benefit of themselves, their families, their communities and society at large, Seven Sisters Foundation will help create a source of income for its beneficiaries. By providing shelter for women who are abused, mentally or physically, Seven Sisters Foundation will offer a safe place to turn to as well as the necessary emotional support. Women with children will also benefit from our educational and fundraising efforts as Seven Sisters Foundation will help their children attend school and later, enrol for tertiary education.

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Our offering

Emotional support including special programs that focus on psychological stimulation and music therapy.
Education, skills development, and entrepreneurial guidance.

Safety and security.
Self-, family- and social development.


Our impact

Healthier eating habits

Improved quality of life

Skills development

Self-sufficiency and sustainability



Proceeds from the sale of each Seven Sisters product goes to the Seven Sisters Foundation

Seven Sisters Foundation

Account no.: 62900267932

Bank: First National Bank

Branch: 250 655

Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ

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