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Welcome to Seven Sisters Wines

The Seven Sisters wine brand evolved from its association with the seven Brutus sisters of Paternoster. The Brutus family lived in a small fishing village on the western coast.

The Brutus sisters and their baby brother left the tranquillity of their sleepy town at a very early age when the family was evicted from their home.They yearned to return but were not able to do so give the unfavourable circumstances of the time. Twenty years later, the sisters reunited to create fine wines.

The wines, carefully selected to match the styles and personalities of each sister, celebrate their bond and devotion to one another, a fitting tribute to sisterhood indeed!

The climatic influences that contribute to the characteristics of the Seven Sisters wines are the warm, low humid summer with temperatures ranging between 25 and 35 degree Celsius. With annual winter rainfall of approximately 450mm to 600mm and soil type varies from Hutton, Clovelly, Sandy Fernwood and Kroonstad, but the predominant soil type is Malmesbury Shale, with patches of Granite and Table Mountain Sandstone. The gravel under structure allows the soil to retain moisture during hot dry summers without requiring formal irrigation structures.

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